Generation Y's virtual guide for social media and skill development

Let's meet and understand future labor force and create common understanding

Sule Yalcin
Sabanci University

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Zeynep Tuğçe Çiftçibaşı Güç
Abdullah Gül University

Renaud Redien-Collot
Novancia Business School

Derya Komitoğlu
Türk Kültür Vakfı

Outcomes and impact of the case
University Students: Gen Y's Guide will be a reliable and efficient tool for university students seeking for employment.
-Specifically, students involved in the Boot Camps will go through a number of trainings.
It is expected that the participating students to have better awareness about the business life and hiring processes thanks to this program. Students participating in the project activities are also expected to;
- Discover their strong and weak sides, personality traits, values and desires
- Determine their career directions after graduation
- Acquire and develop most preferred behavioral competencies by European Labour Market
- Create their personal brands and convey this brand to the employers by using social media.
Coordinator and partner organizations:
Partners will gain an international project experience. It is expected that the partner organizations and teams involved in this project:
- To develop their teamwork skills
- To develop /improve their communication skills with people from different cultures
- To expand their connections with the business world and other universities.

Career consultants and university career service officers:
-Career officers who use Gen Y's guide will be able to steer their students towards work life in a better and programmed way.
-They will be informed on the skills required by the big companies in Europe when they hire Y generation people and ways to develop these skills.
-They will learn basics of creating a personal brand and effectively using social media.

Recruitment Experts:
- They will be able to express the skills they expect from the generation Y in work life.
- They will access youth who move from education to work life.