Advancing Performance Measurement in University Incubation

Swamped by metrics and reporting? Still not sure you are evaluating what matters? At I-INC, we set out to find a better solution for our network of university-based incubators to build robust, user friendly and effective performance reporting.

John MacRitchie
Ryerson University

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Sarah Lubik
Simon Fraser University

Outcomes and impact of the case
Key outcomes from our work and for participants in the session will include:
- Best practices in performance measurement and management of university incubators
- Identification of the competing and complementary interests of the academic institution, funders, incubator managers and client companies and how they can be best addressed.
- How performance measurement is evolving and influencing the direction of university incubators and their role in the entrepreneurial ecosystem
- Identifying the key value-added by the university-based incubator from the perspective of next stage funders – angel investors and venture capital firms – and how well these expectations are met today.

With over a dozen incubators and close to 400 teams active at any time, the I-INC network provides a living lab to observe, develop and test performance measure for university-based incubators. Our work is expected to be directly applicable to the operation of the incubation Zones and to expanding their impact both within the university and in the economy.