North Carolina State University and RTI International Game-Changing Research Incentive Program (GRIP)

An example of a public university and a non-profit research institute investing strategically to stimulate the formation of new, joint “game changing” and interdisciplinary research teams

Jacqueline Olich
RTI International

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Alan Rebar
North Carolina State University

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Jonathan Horowitz
North Carolina State University

Outcomes and impact of the case
GRIP was based upon a two-phase application process, including a two-page pre-proposal, selection of up to 10 pre-proposals for further consideration, and review of eight-page final proposals.  

Ultimately, 59 teams submitted preliminary proposals in advance of the May 31, 2016 deadline. Of these,
• Half of the proposal teams were collaborations with RTI International.
• Over 300 members of the NC State faculty were involved in proposals.
• 10 colleges and 52 departments at NC State were represented
• 82 faculty members were involved in more than one proposal
• 60 researchers from RTI were involved in at least one proposal
• Of the 10 teams invited to submit full proposals in advance of the October 3, 2016 deadline, 8 were joint NC State-RTI teams.

“It is an honor for RTI to be a part of this bold, new NC State research initiative,” said Jim Gibson, Chief Operating Officer, RTI. “We embrace the GRIP vision, and we see in this program an opportunity for researchers from our two institutions to come together to advance research in a way that neither of us could alone.”