CSIRO’s Industrial PhD

An example of a mission-directed research organisation supporting the development of researchers with the skills to work in industry.

Duncan Byrne

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Outcomes and impact of the case
Through the LLP process CSIRO has identified an Industrial PhD model that it will test through a pilot program in 2017.

It is intended that the program when fully implemented will play a role in ameliorating:
• the lowest level of industry-research collaboration in the OECD,
• low numbers of researchers in industry,
• low levels of staff mobility between research, government and industry sectors,
• declining rates of STEM education participation
• limited opportunities for work-ready innovation training and experiences.

CSIRO also believes that the program will:
• Increase collaboration between CSIRO, university and industry in HDR training
• Increase demand for PhD programs, including attracting students who previously may not have considered one
• Increase the vibrancy of CSIRO sites through increased participation of students

The Industrial PhD is not designed to supplant the traditional PhD rather provide an additional pathway to an industry research career.