Swedish universities working together to strengthening capacity for strategic collaboration

An example of a joint development of capacity for strategic collaboration in the university sector as well as an empowering local strategic profiling of individual universities.

Johan Blaus
KTH - Royal Institute of Technology

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Peter Dobers
Södertörn University

Outcomes and impact of the case
Some of the results of KLOSS are:
• Joint development of capacity for strategic collaboration in the university sector as well as stimulating local strategic profiling.
• Interaction with Vinnova in the development of a national assessment model to evaluate collaboration
• Collegial network between individuals responsible for strategic collaboration

The collegial exchange created within KLOSS will continue to be utilised in future. A continuation has also emerged from the project, the AkUt project, which tests and studies forms of mobility of academic staff out to organizations outside the universities.

A summary of the recommendations that will further described in full paper are:
1. Develop long term relationships
2. Stimulate personal mobility between academia and external organizations
3. Incentivize strategic collaboration

The Swedish Agency for Innovation Systems (Vinnova) has developed their mission from the bill a model how to assess and evaluate collaboration as pilots in the Swedish university system. Pilot 1 was carried out 2015, regarding assessment of strategies for collaboration and implementation of those. 27 HEI’s participated. In spring 2016 Pilot 2 was executed, regarding assessment of collaboration activities for impact. 26 HEI:s participated. Vinnova will send their recommendations based on the results the Pilots of their assessment model to the government late 2016.