The Discovery Panel – An innovative pedagogy for delivering commercialisation outcomes for researchers and start-ups whilst

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Todd Davey
Science-to-Business Marketing Research Centre

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The process of aligning research, new innovative ideas and social innovations with markets is a highly complex activity. Even for existing companies, who can access existing resources, experience and networks, the process of creating something genuinely new can be an extremely difficult process. However, for those researchers news start-ups and social endevours who are short on resources, aligning the right product/service with the right market, is a particularly difficult and highly complex process
At the same time, students learning innovation often lack the practical hands-on experience of bringing a new products or service to market. Considering such a highly complex activity, pedagogies which combine theoretical and practical mentoring can prove highly valuable.
To support those with bright ideas but are short of resources as well as students learning innovation, the Discovery Panel was created. The curriculum-bound programme aims to support researchers, start-ups and NGOs to discover the right market-product/service combination by accessing the enthusiasm, resourcefulness and focus of an international group of third-year business students. In doing so, the Discovery Panel supports the process of bringing new concepts to market.
The innovative program has been running since 2012 and has delivered results for: university researchers looking to commercialise their research, entrepreneurial start-ups looking to test their concept, existing organisations looking for new opportunities and NGOs looking to better finance themselves from Germany, Australia and Costa Rica.