Five universities, one approach to IP

Reducing barriers to collaboration between businesses and researchers through a national standardised approach to IP

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Renee Hindmarsh
Australian Technology Network of Universities

Outcomes and impact of the case
ATN universities are already recognised as being industry’s partner of choice with more than two thirds of our research funding coming from industry over the past 5 years. Through these principles, we are actively working to reinforce this reputation by further reducing barriers to collaboration between businesses and researchers.

The ATN’s national approach will:
• Actively promote greater commercialisation of university research by reducing barriers and complexities.
• Increase collaboration between industry partners and researchers from our five members.
• Be responsive to industry needs by ensuring we act in a pragmatic, flexible and agile manner.
• Respect the tight timeframes and unique requirements of individual businesses. Industry can be reassured they will have a similar engagement experience, based on agreed principles, with a network of leading, technology focussed, universities, right across Australia.
• Encourage a true cultural shift to further university-industry collaboration, inspiring students and staff to undertake research that is relevant to challenges faced by society, in partnership with industry, government and community groups.
• The universality of our approach is an Australian first, and will give more world-class research breakthroughs the opportunity to fully realise their transformational benefits to society.
• The ATN’s approach applies to all knowledge generated in our universities - Every single discovery across every single faculty.
• Core to the ATN approach is creating new opportunities and partnerships to generate new innovations and jobs that will increase social and societal wellbeing, and secure Australia’s future prosperity and economic growth.
• Our ‘Five Universities, One Door’ approach provides industry with one easy entry point to five world-class, enterprising and dynamic universities in each mainland state in Australia.

More information on the ATN national approach to IP and supporting case studies can be found online: