Research industry engagement training program

How to upskill academics to engage with industry and put the tools and knowledge to work with business in the hands of your smartest researchers.

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Natalie Chapman

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Outcomes and impact of the case
The training program was delivered to university academics in late 2016. The majority of researchers taking part in the program had little to no prior experience engaging with industry.

All participants in the program were given the tools to immediately apply what they learnt outside of the classroom and implement a plan to engage with industry in the next six months. The experiential program took researchers out of their comfort zone to develop the skills and confidence to begin working with industry at the completion of the course.


Researchers were surveyed at the end of the program and respondents had the following feedback.

• 96% said they have increased confidence and ability to deliver a compelling pitch to an industry partner
• 86% said that they know how to better engage with industry and have more confidence to facilitate discussions with industry and work collaboratively
• 93% said the program increased their knowledge of how to identify and understand industry problems and challenges.
• 93% said they would recommend the program to others.

Detailed feedback from interviews with researchers demonstrated the personal reflection and understanding of the deeper cultural and personal change required to move from seeking funding from a government grant body to approaching industry with a value proposition for mutual benefit through long term trusting relationships.